Alex Valente Photography » Utah-based photographer to capture your lifetime moments

For me, photography is the best way to capture the special moments, both big and small, of our lives. Through photography, we can experience almost any emotion–happiness, pain, laughter, etc. As with other arts, the significance of a photograph depends on who is observing it. I think photography can also lead us to act–it can reveal to you a dream you didn’t know you had, or it can inspire you to take your life in a new direction. I hope that my work reflects the effect that photography has had on my life, and I hope something from my portfolio can have the same effect on you.

I have always had a passion for photography. I got my first camera when I was 12, and I’ve probably taken a million pictures since then. Literally. Taking pictures used to be something that I did for just for fun, but now my goal is to be the best photographer I can be, improving my skills with every shot.

Located in Provo, UT.

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